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2 0 1 7   W S W G A   T o u r n a m e n t
July 17th - 19th
Lander Golf Course
1 Golf Course Drive, Lander, WY 82520

Tournament Director: Mary Comings

A FIRST FOR LANDER: During the past 5 decades, our annual tournament was never hosted by the Lander Golf Course. Congratulations to Mary Comings and her talented local committee who were able to get that changed and now have hosted their 1st and our 51st annual tournament. Having 106 of our members turning out for this new adventure, many who never played the Lander course before, there is little doubt they weren't disappointed. We hope this year's WSWGA tourney in Lander is just the first one of many to be played here in the upcoming years.

2017 Annual WSWGA Tournament
Our tournament theme:
Wild Women
of the West

Susan Brodie & Mary Comings

Your 2017 Tournament Committee
L to R: Donna Brown, Kathy Vacek, Mary Comings, Tara Robinson, Donna Lozier, Katie Meredith, Amy McClure,
Delores Kinsey, Susan Guile, Miriam Klingsporn, Susan Brodie and Brita Bridenstine.

All 106 Of Us Are Excited And Ready To Tee Off On Day One

And the winners were...
Allison Webb (Thayne) was our Medalist by shooting a 79 gross the first day and ended the second day with a 77 gross to also win the Overall Low Gross Championship award.
Rose Haroian (Douglas) shot net rounds of 63 and 67 to win the Overall Low Net award.
Super Duper A Flight
L to R: Jean Wheatley (Casper), Pat Duncan (Douglas) and Ellen Strube (Riverton).
Super Senior A Flight
L to R: Bobbie Stratton (Casper), Sandra Wilson (Douglas), Georgia Moore (Douglas), Marj Lokken (Glendo), Karen Graham (Thayne), Leslie Petersen (Wilson) and Lee Niziolek (Cody).
Swinging Senior A Flight
L to R: Delores Kinsey (Lander), Michelle Hobill (Thayne), Carole Grosch (Worland). Not pictured is Shirley Kaetzer (Cheyenne).
Swinging Senior B Flight
L to R: Ruth Ann Atnip (Casper), Pat Yeager (Basin), Brita Bridenstine (Lander) and Rita McGinnis (Pinedale).
Senior A Flight
L to R: Delores Albers (SRV), Tooney Layton (Lander) and Penny Steever (Douglas). Not pictured is Donna Cleveland (Casper).
Senior B Flight
L to R: Randi Fancher (Casper), Kathleen Vacek (Lander), Sharon Ostrander (Worland) and Marianne Mrak (Pinedale).
Junior A Flight
L to R: Falinda Hall (Cody), Carol Butler (Cody), Amy McClure (Lander), Donna Brown (Lander) and Mary Comings (Lander).
Junior B Flight
L to R: Miriam Klingsporn (Lander), Kim Salveson (Casper), Teresa Diedrich (Sundance), Karen Earl (Worland), Janet McCann (Green River) and Rose Ann Bull (Glendo).
Sophmore A Flight
L to R: Kim Durfee (Sundance), LeAnn Quayle (Riverton), Donna Lozier (Lander), Susan Brodie (Lander), Marsha Combe (SVR) and Lisa Jacks (Lander). Not pictured is Janice Vosika (Riverton).
Freshman A Flight
L to R: Laura Finn (Pinedale) and Mary Beth Voss (Worland). Not pictured is Janeen Hill (Casper).

Lavertha Gotier and Brenda Stutheit
Alice Stump
Rita McGinnis, Debbie Stoddard and Becky Constantino
Cathy Caines, Mary Beth Voss and Karen Earl
Randi Fancher, Marjorie Lokken and Rosa Ann Bull
Lisa Copeland, Cynthia Wilson, Nancy McGuire and Carole Richie
Blowing dirt during practice round
Our Flag
Michelle Hobill
Janet McCann, Lisa Copeland, Rene` Lee and Bonnie Johnson
Zoey & Penny Steever
Janice Vosika
Susan Guile
Karen Graham
Lisa Ellis
Becky Marsh
Tee Box Marker
Kathleen Vacek
Zara Logan
Susan Cram and Lee Niziolek
Leslie Petersen and Georgia Moore
Tera Robinson
"The Wild West Floozy"
The Food Line
Bonnie Johnson
Raffle Items
Raffle Items
Raffle Items
Raffle Items


Skill                                            Winner
#1 Longest Putt (Fresh/Soph)................................Kim Durfee
#2 Longest Putt (Swinging Sr)...............................Dee Kinsey
#3 Longest Putt (Senior)...................................Kathy Vacek
#4 Longest Drive in Frwy (Swinging Sr).....................Janet Jones
#5 Closest to Pin 1st Shot (Super Sr/Super Duper)........Jean Wheatley
#6 Longest Putt (Super Sr/Super Duper Sr)).................Toni Kovach
#7 Longest Drive in Frwy (Junior).........................Falinda Hall
#8 Closest to Pin 1st Shot (Junior)........................Becky Marsh
#9 Longest Drive in Frwy (Senior)..........................Susan Guile
#10 Longest Drive in Frwy (Fresh/Soph)......................Lisa Ellis
#11 Longest Drive in Frwy (Super Sr/Super Duper)...........Marj Lokken
#12 Closest to Pin 1st Shot (Fresh/Soph).................Janice Vosika
#15 Closest to Pin 1st Shot (Swinging Sr)..................Lee Kintzel
#17 Longest Putt (Junior)...................................Karen Earl
#18 Closest to Pin in 2 shots (Senior)...................Penny Steever

$ $ $ $     CHARITY 50/50 DRIVES     $ $ $ $

Kathy Vacek won $215 on hole #5 and Sandra Wilson won $225 on hole #12.

We would like to welcome these 6 of our 7 new members in 2017 who played in our tournament. We hope you had lots of fun and made some new friends.

Charlotte Bernardis

Wendy Hopkin

Tooney Layton

Cheryl Reichelt

Carole Richie

Kim Salveson
Thanks for joining us and we hope to see you next year in Worland.

Click the button below to view all of the flights and scores for this year's tournament.

Action around the course...

Breta Bridenstine

Susan Guile

Michelle Hobill

Rene' Lee

Carol Woodward

Leslie Petersen

Kim Salverson

Cathy Toolson

Donna Atkins

Lisa Copeland

Charlotte Bernardis

Laura Fenn

Rita McGinnis

Becky Costantino

Bobbie Stratton

Marjorie Lokken

Carol Butler

Zara Logan

Lisa Copeland, Marianne Mrak, Nancy
McGuire & Carole Richie

Where some came from...
        (found in the parking lot)

What's With All The Tie Dyed Shirts On Day 1? #1A
Story behind the Douglas Ladies Tie Dyed Shirts

Our Douglas Golf Pro, Curtis Starkey's wife, Sharon was diagnosed with a meningioma brain tumor in the Fall of 2016. After surgery during recovery she discovered the "Denver Brain Tumor Walk"; a fund raiser and awareness for brain tumor research and cure. Of the 5,000 people who participated in the 3 mile walk at Sloan's Lake in Denver, several families and supporters were dressed alike. The Starkey family decided to tie dye shirts for the event & being Bronco fans a lot of blue & orange were incorporated in the designs.

Hearing the story and seeing pictures of the "Survivor's", the Douglas Ladies Golf Assn. decided to honor and support this important cause by having the Starkey family make tie dye shirts for the WSWGA tournament.

Who knew Tie Dye was going to be so popular this year & what a wonderful way to bring awareness to a condition that affects more people than we realize.

Thank you ladies for sharing this story with all our WSWGA members.

Round 2 Parings..
#1A #1A: Donna Cleveland, Dee Kinsey, Teresa Diedrich
and Alice Stump
#1B #1B: Addie Lee Weeks, Donna Brown, Ruth Anne Atnip
and Cathy Caines
#2A #2A: Marsha Combe, Falinda Hall, Brita Bridenstine
and Randi Fancher
#2B #2B: Leslie Petersen, Susan Brode, Susan Cram
and Penny Steever
#3 #3: Susan Guile, Susan Hendrick, Janet Jones
and Marvene Alexander
#4A #4A: Kathy Toolson, Pat Yeager, Jean Wheatley
and Donna Lozier
#4B #4B: Dolores Albers, Carol Butler, Rita McGinnis
and Lisa Copeland
#5 #5: Karen Earl, Janice Vosika, Kathy McKee
and Carolyn Thacker
#6A #6A: Peggy Wehunt, Shelly Sjogren, Judy Legerski
and Rose Ann Bull
#6B #6B: Rene` Lee, Lisa Jacks, Beth D'Souza
and Maria Hill
#7 #7: Laura Sutherland, Bobbie Stratton, Tara Robinson
and JoAnn Adams
#8 #8: April Brice, Charlotte Bernardis, Brenda Stutheit
and Wendy Hopkin
a#10A #9A: Georgia Moore, Mary Beth Voss, Miriam
Klingsporn and Sharon Chumley
#10B #9B: Ruth Dellos, Rosemary Loos, Kathleen McKinley
and Vicky Shurtleff
#10A #10A: Becky Marsh, Kathleen Denney, Lee Niziolek
and Sandy Thomas
#10B #10B: Shirley Kaetzer, Kathy Vacek and Laura Fenn
#11A #11A: Ellen Strube, Jeneen Hill, Karen Graham
and Janet McCann
#11B #11B: Lisa Ellis, Cindy Wilson, Amy McClure
and Toni Kovach
#12 #12: Tooney Layton, Sharon Ostrander, Sandra Wilson
and Michelle Hobill
#13 #13: Kim Durfee, Janet Parrott, Shirley Benson
and Katie Meredith
#14 #14: Cheryl Reichett, Allison Webb, Pat Duncan
and Becky Costantino
#16B #15: Carole Grosch, Trudy Durfee and Carole Richie
#16A #16A: Barb Snyder, Carol Woodward, Nan Probst
and Kim Salverson
#16B #16B: Mary Comings, Bonnie Johnson, Zara Logan
and Marianne Mrak
#17 #17: LeAnn Quayle, Lee Kintzel, Lavertha Gotier and
and Debbie Stoddard
#18A #18A: Rose Haroian, Pamela Dallabetta, Lois
Jantz-Howard and Vasca Gilmore
#18B: Nancy McGuire and Marj Lokken

Tournament Donations
We want to express our deepest thanks and appreciation to our members, friends and families for their donations. Generous gifts from donors like you provide the financial and and moral support needed to make our tournaments such a big success.

The Quilted Bag --Lander Quilters/Golfers
Golf Bag --Kathy Vacek
Baskets --Kathy Vacek, Brita Bridenstine, Star Valley Ladies, Brenda Stutheit, Amy McClure, Donna Lozier, Nan Probst, Judy Legerski, Tera Robinson and Rita McGinnis
Bathroom Baskets --Lisa Jacks
Club Head Covers --Chris Jeffres
Shawl --Susan Brown
Golf Cross Stitch --Susan Guile
Golf Wind Catcher --Susan Guile
Painting --Peter Brown
Bird Houses --Ellen Strube, Lisa Jacks, Melissa Duncan
Silver Oaks Wine --Bill & Nita Comings
Painting --Dee Kinsey
Pottery Plate --Pam Hockett
Pendleton Blanket --Donna Lozier
Canvas Print --Donna Brown
Placemats & Napkins --Miriam Klingsporn
Animal Wagon --Alan Guile
Rounds of Golf --Bernie Blan (Riverton), Leslie Petersen (Teton Pines), SVR Ladies (SVR), Brenda Stutheit (Green Hills)
Quilted Throw --Margie Race
Swedish Weave Afghan --Susan Guile
Quilted Wall Hanging --Nita Virden
Hand Quilt --Miriam Klingsporn
18 Stepping Stones --Toony Layton
Jewelry --Rita McGinnis
Money Tree --Wendy Ricke & Susan Brodie

Lander Community & Convention Center
This location was used for the meeting, dinner and entertainment on Tuesday evening. It was used for lunch, and awards presentation on Wednesday. The Community Center is located at 950 Buena Vista Drive and sits between holes 15 and 16 on the golf course.

Our Chosen Local Charities
(Our tournament profit will be split between these two wonderful charities.)
Friday Backpack Program
The Friday Backpack Program - is designed to provide a backpack full of ready-to-eat or easily prepared food to send home on Fridays with the school district's neediest students who may have nothing or very little to eat on weekends. This program currently feeds 40 families with a total of 179 people. On the average it takes $2.20 per person per week to feed these children and their families. All of the money goes to buying food and bags; there is no overhead paid by the program. 100% of your donation goes to buying food or bags to put the food in.
First Stop Help Center - is dedicated to helping people in crisis, especially those facing homelessness. Our most important goal is to help people achieve long-term sustainability and financial freedom. Through our education program, clients establish their personal priorities, goals and budgets. The First Stop Help Center is a non-profit, non-denominational organization which serves as the first stop for individuals and families in crises. Here they can begin to get the help they need.

WSWGA Presents Charity Checks To Backpack Pgm & First Stop
After all other tournament expenses had been paid, we closed out the 2017 Lander Tournament account by presenting our final two checks to the Friday Backpack Program and the First Stop Help Center. The total paid to these two wonderful charities was $12,811.00 and were presented by Mary Comings and her committee.

Stephanie Harris (Friday Backpack Program), Deanne Trumble and Linda Hudson (First Stop Help Center) are shown here accepting the donations. Click on the photo for a larger view.

Many thanks to all of our tournament players as well as some members who were unable to play and to our many volunteers who all helped making this tournament such a success.

A Big Thank You to all the folks at the Lander Golf Course that made our tournament such a success. The course was in great shape.

Doug Firth - Golf Pro

Dean Staszak, Superintendent (4th from Left) and his Maintenance Crew

And we thank this group of young local volunteers who did such a
fantastic job of handling all of our golf bags and washing clubs
during the tournament.

L to R: Seneca Kail, McKenna Kail, Jacob Lytle, Lucas Hulme, Hayde Johnson and Wolfe Johnson.


Due to our limited number of golf carts, many thanks to the Riverton Country Club who were so generous in loaning us a number of golf carts for this tournament so everyone could ride in a cart.

Doug Firth - PGA Professional             Dean Staszak - Superintendent

2017 Tournament Testimoinials
If you would like to comment on your 2017 Tournament experience in Lander, just Email your comments by clicking: We will post them here as soon as possible.

Bonnie Johnson
Thank you, Lander Wild Women for such a wonderful tournament. You did a marvelous job in facilitating the WSWGA Tournament this summer. And a special thank you for the beautiful necklace I was presented. I wear it and think of all the fantastic women I know because of WSWGA.

Gayle Brice
WOW what a great tournament you and your ladies hosted. We all look forward to Worland's tournament. Thanks for all your great work. Please extend our thanks to your committees. Take Care and we will see you next year.

Nancy McGuire
It is so much fun getting to meet ladies from across our great state. Thank you Lander ladies for all of your hard work in putting together this fun tournament.

Leslie Petersen
The Lander ladies' feat was even more impressive since they hadn't done it before! I especially loved playing in the county where I grew up and where I first played golf on the "now" back nine. Thank you, Lander. It seems each year is more fun as one gets more acquainted with women around the state and friendships deepen.

Falinda Hall
The Landers ladies did a fantastic job with the entire tournament - raffle items, entry gift, door prizes, meals, scoring, etc. etc. absolutely everything was perfect. And the course was in great shape. Thanks Lander for a great tournament.

Zara Logan
What a great job the Lander Tournament Committee did in putting together the 2017 WSWGA Tournament. Many thanks to Mary Comings, Susan Brodie and their crew for all of their hard work. I have been wanting to play this course for years, and I was excited to finally get that opportunity. Thanks for all of your hard work and, hopefully, you will be willing to host us again another year.

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