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LeAnn Quayle

Membership in the WSWGA is limited to female Wyoming residents and who will be at least 50 years of age by December 31st of this year.

For current members, annual dues (as set by the board) are due and payable by March 15th of each year.   After this date, a $10.00 late payment fee is required.   New members just joining the WSWGA for the first time, as well as former members whose dues have lapsed one or more years, may reinstate at any time during the year without paying the late payment fee.

2019 Dues Structure
$20Current Member Dues (If you paid your 2018 dues)
$10Current Member Late Fee (If 2019 dues not paid by March 15th)
$30Reinstated Member Dues (If you did not pay your 2018 dues)
$30New Member Dues (If you have not previously been a Member)

Membership classes, only used for assigning flights at the annual tournament, are based on the members age at the time of the tournament held each July. Although not all members will play in the tournament, some will pay their dues late, and new members may join at any time, the classes, age groups and number of dues paid members to date are as follows which also shows those who have registered for the 2019 annual tournament:

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Becky Marsh

Susan Brodie

Delores Kinsey

Rita McGinnis

Beth Voss

2019 Membership
The following is a listing of Members who have paid their 2019 dues
as of November 11, 2019.
Paid Membership By Name:
(* Denotes Member Has Registered For The 2019 Tournament)
  1. *Alexander, Marvene
  2.   Atnip, Ruth Anne
  3. *Bache, Bonnie M
  4.   Balas, Kimberly D
  5. *Bear, Penny R
  6. *Benardis, Charlotte A
  7. *Benson, Shirley J
  8. *Betz, Allison
  9. *Brice, Gayle A
  10. *Bridenstine, Brita G
  11.   Brodie, Susan L
  12.   Brown, Donna L
  13. *Brown, Karen M
  14. *Buer, Janet L
  15. *Bull, Rose Ann
  16. *Butler, Carol J
  17. *Byrum, Stacey R
  18. *Caines, Cathy B
  19. *Clark, Rosemary E
  20.   Clark, Nancy
  21. *Cleveland, Donna L
  22. *Combe, Marsha A
  23. *Comings, Mary J
  24. *Compton, Lavonne F
  25. *Copeland, Lisa R
  26. *Cram, Susan K
  27. *Dallabetta, Pamela K
  28. *Davis, Karen A
  29. *Dellos, Ruth J
  30.   Denney, Katherine A
  31. *Diedrich, Teresa A
  32.   Ditto, Wendy L
  33.   Durfee, Kimberly K
  34. *Durfee, Trudy M
  35. *Earl, Karen L
  36. *Ellis, Lisa R
  37.   Endres, Diane M
  38. *Fancher, Randi S
  39. *Fenn, Laura J
  40. *Gilmore, Vasca L
  41. *Good, Lisa A
  42. *Graham, Karen D
  43.   Grosch, Carole
  44. *Guile, Susan A
  45.   Gutsche, Ronda J
  46. *Hall, Falinda R
  47. *Hansen, Eloise L
  48.   Haroian, Rose
  49. *Hendrick, Susan K
  50. *Hill, Jeneen K
  51. *Hobill, Michelle V
  52. *Hoffman, Nancy R
  53. *Hull, Diane J
  54.   Jantz-Howard, Lois E
  55. *Johnson, Bonnie J
  56. *Jones, Janet K
  57.   Jones, Kelly M
  58. *Kaetzer, Shirley A
  59. *Kinsey, Delores
  60. *Kintzel, Lee A
  61.   Klingsporn, Miriam G
  62. *Labbe', Ann M
  63.   Lee, Rene` A
  64.   Legerski, Judy
  65. *Logan, Zara D
  66. *Lokken, Marjorie A
  67. *Loos, Rosemary
  68.   Lozier, Donna R
  69. *Malicoat, Karen L
  70. *McCann, Janet M
  71. *McGinnis, Rita N
  72. *McGuire, Nancy B
  73.   McKee, Kathi S
  74. *McKinley, Kathleen A
  75. *Melgaard, Jaci
  76.   Mirich, Deanna D
  77. *Moore, Georgia C
  78. *Mortenson, Dee A
  79. *Mrak, Marianne W
  80.   Nelson, Peggy J
  81.   Niziolek, Lee L
  82.   Ortiz, Marty Jo
  83. *Ostrander, Sharon K
  84. *Perrson, Cindy L
  85.   Petersen, Leslie P
  86. *Pfiefer, Barbara
  87. *Ratcliffe, Tamera M
  88.   Reynolds, Jana D
  89.   Robinson, Tara L
  90. *Rourke, Annette L
  91. *Salveson, Kim J
  92.   Santoni, Judy
  93.   Shackelford, Carol A
  94.   Shepperd, Roxie E
  95. *Shurtleff, Vicky R
  96.   Sierz, Mary Ann
  97. *Sjogren, Shelley S
  98. *Snyder, Barbara A
  99. *Steever, Penny F
  100. *Stoddard, Debbie K
  101. *Stratton, Bobbie
  102. *Strube, Ellen J
  103. *Stutheit, Brenda K
  104. *Stutheit, Kathy K
  105.   Sutherland, Laura M
  106.   Thacker, Carolyn W
  107.   Thomas, Sandy K
  108. *Thompson, Donna W
  109.   Tibbs, Sandra J
  110. *Toolson, Cathy
  111. *Vacek, Kathleen A
  112. *Vosika, Janice L
  113. *Voss, Mary Beth
  114. *Watters, Barbara E
  115. *Webb, Allison L
  116.   Weedin, Sarah J
  117. *Weeks, Addie Lee
  118. *White, Carolyn G
  119.   Willis, Sandra P
  120. *Wilson, Cynthia L
  121.   Wilson, Sandra S
  122.   Woodward, Carol
Total Tourney Registrants To Date = 84
Paid Membership Number By Age Class:
Freshman49-546   Swinging Senior70-7426
Sophomore55-5920   Super Senior75-7917
Junior60-6426   Super Duper Sr80+6
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