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Falinda Hall
At The 2015

To view and print any of the forms or reports shown below that are in a Portable Document Format (PDF), requires that you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.   If you do not have it, you may download a free copy by clicking HERE.

NOTE TO AOL USERS: Older versions of AOL's internet browser do not support the Adobe Acrobat Reader and therefore PDF files can not be displayed even if you have the Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you are unable to open any of our PDF files, click HERE for more information and possible solutions.

If you are unable to view and print any of the available forms, please contact our Registrar, Falinda Hall, who will be happy to assit you or she can mail you the form.

WSWGA 2020 Membership Application & Annual Dues Form     (PDF)
The 2020 Membership Application & Annual Dues Form is now available.   For those who paid their 2019 dues, the deadline for paying your 2020 dues is March 15, 2020 and after this deadline there is a $10 Late Fee.   The $10 Late Fee does not apply to new members who are joining for the first time nor does it apply to those Members who are reinstating their membership after it had lapsed one or more years.
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WSWGA 2020 Tournament Entry Form     (PDF)
The 2020 Tournamnent Entry Form for our annual tournament which will be in Evanston on July 13-15, is now available here.   Entries must be received on or before Wednesday, July 1, 2019. Remember, no entries will be accepted unless you have paid your 2020 dues to our Registrar, Falinda Hall (see dues form above).

Should the tournament be cancelled due to the Corona-19 virus, you will be notified and all Entry Fee checks received by the Registrar will be shredded.
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2020 Evanston
Not Yet Available
Not Yet Available
Not Yet Available

2019 Gillette

2018 Worland

2017 Lander

2016 Star Valley

2015 Douglas

2014 Cody

2013 Worland

2012 Rawlins

2011 Sheridan

2010 Riverton

2009 Star Valley

Membership vs Tourney Players Chart
Since 1997 we have been closely tracking our Membership and the number of tournament players each year. You may view a graph of these numbers by clicking on this link.
Membership By County
Have you ever wondered where all of our Members live in Wyomings 23 counties? Here is a chart showing our annual paid membership by county for the past 21 years. Carbon, Fremont, Lincoln, Natrona and Park lead the list while Niobrara (Lusk area) and Uinta (Evanston area) show no members in all of these years.
Membership By City
During the past 20 years we have had members from 53 towns and cities across Wyoming. Here is a chart showing our annual paid membership by city for the past 21 years. Some cities currently show no members due to the fact former resident members of these cities have moved to another Wyoming city. Kudos to Casper, Cody, Rawlins, Riverton Star Valley Ranch, Thayne and Worland where the majority of our members reside.

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