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2021 Annual Tournament in Star Valley
The 55th Annual WSWGA Tournament was held at Star Valley Ranch's Cedar Creek Golf Course on July 12-14, 2021. For more tournament information, please check their tournament page by clicking HERE.

2022 Annual Tournament in Sheridan
The 56th Annual WSWGA Tournament will be held at the Kendrick Municipal Golf Course in Sheridan on July 18-20, 2022. Kelly White will be the Local Tournament Director. Kelly has consideralbe experience running tournaments at the Kendrick Golf Course where she has worked for many years. She was our 2011 Tournament Director the last time our annual tournament was held in Sheridan.

More information on this event will become available in the spring.

Bi-Annual Audit Completed
Pursuant to Section 4.04A of our By-Laws, our bi-annual audit of the Association's permanent bank checking and savings accounts located at Pinnacle Bank covering the period July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2021 was completed on November 9, 2021. All cash receipts and disbursements were found to have been accounted for properly based on Standard Accounting practices. Therefore, our annual financial reports have been approved and accepted by the auditor. You may review these financial reports by clicking on the 'Forms/Reports' link at the top of this page.

Thanks to our Registrar (Falinda Hall) for a job well done preparing our annual financial reports.


Davis, Jespersen and Toolson Elected to Board
At the Annual Membership Meeting on July 14, 2021 Mishelle Aldrich-Davis (Thayne), Randee Jespersen (Gillette) and Cathy Toolson (SVR) were elected to the Board and each will serve a 3 year term.

The 2021-2022 Board Officers are: Gayle Brice (President), Carol Butler (Vice-President) and Trudy Durfee (Secretary).


Board Recognizes Member Donations With Dues Payments
The WSWGA Board of Directors would like to recognize the following for their donations made when paying their membership dues. Their combined generosity has raised $1150 (so far this year) to support our Association. Generous gifts like these help provide the financial and moral support needed to continue our mission. They are true partners in fulfilling our goals. THANK YOU LADIES!

Dolores AlbersCharlotte BenardisSusan BrodieDonna Brown
Donna ClevelandMarie ColestockMary ComingsSusan Cram
Martha DaveyTrudy DurfeeCarole GroschSusan Guile
Susan HendrickBonnie JohnsonLee KintzelRene` Lee
Zara LoganDonna LozierBecky MarshRita McGinnis
Nancy McGuireGeorgia MooreMarianne MrakMarty Jo Ortiz
Sharon OstranderJanet ParrottLeslie PetersenTara Robinson
Kim SalvesonAnne SimmonsDebbie StoddardEllen Strube
Brenda StutheitDonna ThompsonCathy ToolsonMary Beth Voss
Sandra WilsonCarol Woodward

Prior year member donations with dues payments were: 2020=$1,120; 2019=$1,225; 2018=$1,187; 2017=$1,210; 2016=$995; 2015=$760; 2014=$835; 2013=$580; 2012=$570; 2011=$245; 2010=$200; 2009=$80;
Please Welcome Our 2021 New Members
As of today, we have 31 new members which are:
*Burnitz, Dodi - ThayneCardenas, Sharon S - Thayne*Coble, Marilyn - Thayne
*Colestock, Marie A - Green River*Compton, Debbie - SVRDavey, Martha J - Lander
*Endres, Kristin - SVR*Hammack, Valerie R - Lander*Jespersen, Randee R - Gillette
*Jones, Lonna - Casper*Krassin, Richi K - Lander*Liptak, Victoria E - Green River
*Luzier, Cindy N - SVRLynch, Catherine S - SVR*Manwill, Theresa - SVR
*Materi, Jackie K - Sundance*Miskimins, Karen M - Thayne*Parker, Linda M - Thayne
*Rees, Deborah L - SVR*Reynolds, Annie M - Thayne*Rottman, Gunta - Laramie
*Siddoway, Paula S - Green River*Simmons, Anne T - SVR*Stuart, Deborah A - Thayne
*Tanner, Kim M - Big Piney*Terry, Kathleen L - SVR*Tschetter, Connie D - Sundance
*Ulmer, Terri R - Thayne*Whitson, Susan D - Thayne*Williamson, Caryl - Thayne
*Wilson, Cheryl A - Laramie

* = Registered for tourney

Pinnacle Bank Continues Sponsorship Of Our Website
We are pleased to announce that Pinnacle Bank is again a corporate sponsor of our WSWGA website for 2021. We want to thank them for this sponsorship and their continued support of our state wide organization. For their sponsorship, we have agreed to show their advertisement at the bottom of our home page. In case you missed it, it also appears here.

Pinnacle Bank
Pinnacle Banks are currently located in Cheyenne, Cody, Gillette, Moorcroft, Newcastle, Powell, Thermopolis, Torrington and Worland. The next time you visit Pinnacle Bank in your area, tell them thank you for supporting us.

We are always looking for individual or corporate sponsors to help defray the cost of our website. If you are interested, please email me by clicking: Falinda Hall.

Members Hole-In-One Club
Making a hole-in-one (aka ACE) is a BIG deal to all golfers and when it happens it needs to be celebrated. Starting in 2015, we want to recognize all those who have scored an ACE when playing with friends, in a league or in any tournament. Our members want to celebrate with you as well and offer our congratulations. Send our Webmaster an Email by clicking and provide him with the info on your achievement.
WSWGA Hole-In-One Club
Nancy Hoffman Cody Olive Glenn Golf Course
#6 / 156 Yds
Bobbie Stratton Sheridan Coyote Willows GC, NV
#18 / 108 Yds
Carole Grosch Worland Green Hills Golf Club
#3 / 86 Yds
Janet Jones Riverton Hemet Golf Club, CA
#7 / 128 Yds
Kimberly Durfee Sundance Devil's Tower Golf Club
#16 / 82 Yds
Falinda Hall Cody Olive Glenn Golf Course
#6 / 156 Yds
Trudy Durfee Sundance Keyhole CC
#7 / 141 Yds
Nancy McGuire Pinedale Rendezvous Meadow
#11 / 87 Yds
Rene` Lee Worland Green Hills Golf
#8 / 123 Yds
Joan Andreen Casper Three Crowns Golf
#16 / 110 Yds
Karen Holcombe Powell Powell Golf Club
#4 / 100 Yds
Joan Andreen Casper Paradise Valley
#15 / 123 Yds
Becky Marsh Casper Casper Muni-Park
#9 / 138 Yds

WSWGA's Gift Of Giving
As many of you may remember at our 2004 Membership Meeting, we approved a change in our By-Laws where we did away with the scholarships and instead stated all profits from our annual tournaments are to be donated to help support a local charity in the host tournament city. Below is a list of the charitable donations made by the WSWGA's local tournament committees since the change:

2021 Star Valley $10,000.00     a) Thayne Senior Center
  "   " $1,500.00     b) The Turning Point
  "   " $481.67     c) Thayne Food Bank
2020 Evanston N/A       Tourney Cancelled Due To Covid-19
2019 Gillette $3,000.00     a) Sundance Fire Dept.
  "   " $1,000.00     b) Pine Haven EMS
  "   " $850.86     c) Bell Nob Jr. Golf
2018 Worland $3,800.00     a) Washakie Cnty Ministerial Food Bank
  "   " $3,800.00     b) At Risk Student Assistance
2017 Lander $6,400.50     a) Food 4 Kids Friday Backpack Program
  "   " $6,410.50     b) First Stop Help Center
2016 Star Valley $11,650.00     Thayne Senior Center
2015 Douglas $8,142.39     Boys & Girls Club of Douglas
2014 Cody $6,012.23     Heart Mtn Volunteer Medical Clinic
2013 Worland $2,582.55     Worland Senior Center
2012 Rawlins $1,041.00     Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County
2011 Sheridan $4,375.40     Kelly Shreibies Memorial Foundation
2010 Riverton $2,665.11     Amedisys (Little Wind) Hospice
2009 Star Valley $1,800.00     a) Animal Humane Association of Star Valley
  "   " $1,800.00     b) Family Foundation For Cancer Patients
2008 Casper $685.00     Make-A-Wish Foundation
2007 Cody $2,049.79     Humane Society Of Park County
2006 Rawlins $360.00     Pet Partners
2005 Worland         --             N/A
    TOTAL $80,407.00    

WOW is right! All of our members, tournament volunteers and donors as well as the host cities should be very proud of our organization and what we are doing. Just think, we are a non-profit organization helping other non-profit organizations. The more revenue we can generate through donations, raffles, and other sources at our annual tournaments, the more profit we produce to help another worthy cause. Fantastic job ladies!

In Memory
Memory We would like to be informed of any WSWGA members who have passed away. As you know, we try to recognize these ladies at our annual membership meetings. However, we sometimes are not made aware of their passing. If we know the names as well as when and where they died, we often can find their obituary on the internet which we can post here on our website for all to see. In addition, we need to remove them from our contacts list.

Therefore, please send our Webmaster an Email by clicking whenever you become aware of a member we have lost.

Undeliverable Email
Help With the last several group Email notices sent out to our membership, a few have come back as "Undeliverable". The notice message doesn't tell us whose Email can not be delivered.

Please try to remember, if you change your email address, please notify me by clicking Falinda Hall so I can update our records.

Paying Your Annual Dues Is Of Great Significance
We would like to remind all of our members of the importance of paying your annual dues regardless of whether you plan on playing in our annual tournaments. Among the benefits of belonging to our organization, is that we help support many charities in the Wyoming communities where we play our annual tournaments. Since 2004, those charities have included various Animal Humane Societies, cancer foundations, Coalition Against Violence, hospice, and the Wyoming Make-A-Wish foundation. Your dues, as well as participation in our tournaments, make these charitable donations possible.

As you all know, it is not an easy task to host one of our annual tournaments. It is a lot of work for the local tournament committees. One of their rewards for all their effort is the ability to make a WSWGA donation to a charity of their choice in their local community. Even if you are not playing in that years' tournament, payment of your annual dues help them make this happen.

During the past several years, your board has discussed the raising of our "dues reinstatement fee" to discourage those members who choose to pay their annual dues only if they plan on playing in that years' tournament. No doubt, the subject will be revisited again at next years board meeting. In the meantime, the board asks for everyones cooperation in supporting the WSWGA organization, its local tournament committees and the many wonderful Wyoming charitable organizations by paying your dues each year regardless of your participation in the tournaments.

Finally, a special thanks to all those members who have graciously supported our organization by paying their dues each and every year - even when they are unable to participate in all of our tournaments.

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