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2018 Annual Tournament in Worland
The 52nd Annual WSWGA Tournament will be held at Worland's Green Hills Golf Course on July 16-18, 2018. The Tournament Director will be Beth Voss. For more information, please check their tournament page by clicking HERE. The page will be updated as additional information becomes available.

Wayne T. Voss Passes Away
We were informed today that Wayne Voss, husband of Beth Voss, passed away on Saturday, May 26, 2018 after battling cancer over a year.

Our deepest sympathy to Beth and her family.

You may read his obituary by clicking HERE.
View Your 2018 Worland Tournament Scoreboard Now
Did you know Did you know our 2018 Tournament Scoreboard can already be viewed on the Worland tournament page at any time? As Laura Sutherland (the tournament treasurer) records tournament entry forms received into our database, it automatically populates the scoreboard so you can see all who have registered in each flight so far. Obviously, it is only tentative at this point and won't be finalized until July 1st which is the deadline for submitting entry forms.

Board Recognizes Member Donations With 2018 Dues Payments
The WSWGA Board of Directors would like to recognize the following for their donations made when paying their 2018 membership dues. Their combined generosity has raised $1187 (so far this year) to support our Association. Generous gifts like these help provide the financial and moral support needed to continue our mission. They are true partners in fulfilling our goals. THANK YOU LADIES!

Dolores AlbersMarvene AlexanderAllison BetzSusan Brodie
Carol ButlerDonna ClevelandMary ComingsTeresa Diedrich
Patricia DuncanKimberly DurfeeTrudy DurfeeVasca Gilmore
Carole GroschFalinda HallSusan HendrickJoyce Jackson
Bonnie JohnsonMiriam KlingspornTracy KoskiRene` Lee
Rosemary LoosDonna LozierTamara MarshallAmy McClure
Nancy McGuireKathi McKeeGeorgia MooreMarty Jo Ortiz
Sharon OstranderLeslie PetersenTara RobinsonKim Salveson
Bobbie StrattonBrenda StutheitCathy ToolsonBarbara Watters
Allison WebbJean WheatleySandra WillisDixie Wills
Sandra WilsonCarol WoodwardPatricia Yeager

Prior year member donations with dues payments were: 2017 = $1,210; 2016 = $995; 2015 = $760; 2014 = $835; 2013 = $580; 2012 = $570; 2011 = $245; 2010 = $200; 2009 = $80;
Please Welcome Our 2018 New Members
As of today, we have 11 new members which are:
Betz, Allison - CodyBrown, Karen M - ThayneClark, Connie Jo - Worland
Cooper, Rebecca A - TensleepHoffman, Nancy R - CodyJones, Kelly M - Worland
Koski, Tracy L - CasperMalicoat, Karen L - Green RiverMathison, Mary Ann - Worland
Neumann, Reba J - WorlandPfiefer, Barabara - Casper

Pinnacle Bank Continues Sponsorship Of Our Website
We are pleased to announce that Pinnacle Bank is again a corporate sponsor of our WSWGA website for 2018. We want to thank them for this sponsorship and their continued support of our state wide organization. For their sponsorship, we have agreed to show their advertisement at the bottom of our home page. In case you missed it, it also appears here.

Pinnacle Bank
Pinnacle Banks are currently located in Cheyenne, Cody, Gillette, Moorcroft, Newcastle, Powell, Thermopolis, Torrington and Worland. The next time you visit Pinnacle Bank in your area, tell them thank you for supporting us.

Outdoor BBQ on Monday, July 16th
We will be having an outdoor BBQ at 7:00 PM on Monday, July 16th, 2018 for all tournament players. It will be hosted by Sharon Ostrander and will be held at her home which is located at 1009 North Hillcrest Drive in Worland.

We will be needing a head count of all who will be attending. Therefore, be sure to check the blank on the tournament entry form if you are planning to attend. If your bringing a guest, they will be charged $6.

Hope to see everyone there as we've ordered up some beautiful weather for all three days of the tournament.

2018 Tournament Entry Form Now Available
The 2018 Tournament Entry Form is now available. Click on the 'Forms/Reports' link above to view and print the form. The deadline for submitting entries is July 1, 2018. The Entry Form includes the Schedule of Events and a listing of available Hotels/Motels.

Entries postmarked before June 15th will be eligible for a $100 gift certificate in a drawing. Don't wait, REGISTER NOW!

Remember, no tournament entries will be accepted unless you have already paid your 2018 dues to our Registrar, Falinda Hall. The 2018 Membership Application & Annual Dues Form is also available on the 'Forms/Reports' page.

Is Your Club Unable To Host Our Annual Tournament?
Help As a reminder to all our 2018 tournament players from those communities who are unable to host one of our annual tournaments, we ask that you or your group consider getting a donation together for one of the prizes such as a wine basket (or any kind of basket), a putter or other type of club, a painting by one of your local artists or some other craft item, an Amazon Gift Card, etc.

If you are able to do this, please contact me to advise that you will be bringing a prize and what it is that you plan to donate. It will be a big help to our local tournament committee.

As with all tournament players, you may wish to include a donation along with your entry form to help with our tournment expenses.

Thank you,
Beth Voss, 2018 Tournament Director
Email: mary_beth_voss@yahoo.com
Cell: 307-431-1559

VOLUNTEER Board Members Needed
PLEASE HELP THE WSWGAWe're looking for conscientious volunteer board members to help lead and strengthen our organization. The three (3) year terms of our current board members Rita McGinnis, Leslie Petersen and Penny Steever all expire this year and elections to fill these positions will be made at our Annual Membership Meeting on July 17th in Worland. If you can contribute a little of your time and leadership and would be interested in this opportunity, please contact me. I ask ALL members to please give this opportunity serious consideration. We need your help!

Volunteers Thank you,
Gayle Brice, President
367 Porto Road
Star Valley Ranch, WY 83127
Home: 307-883-4267     Cell: 307-726-4767
Email: ladypro@silverstar.com

In Memory
Memory We would like to be informed of any WSWGA members who have passed away. As you know, we try to recognize these ladies at our annual membership meetings. However, we sometimes are not made aware of their passing. If we know the names as well as when and where they died, we often can find their obituary on the internet which we can post here on our website for all to see. In addition, we need to remove them from our contacts list.

Therefore, please send our Webmaster an Email by clicking webmaster@wswga.org whenever you become aware of a member we have lost.

2018 Membership Application & Annual Dues Form Now Available
The 2018 Membership Application & Annual Dues Form is now available here on our website. Just click on the above link 'Forms/Reports' where you will find it. Remember, for our 2017 members the deadline for paying your 2018 dues is March 15, 2018. After that, the $10 late fee will apply. There is no deadline for new members who are joining for the first time or for those former members who are reinstating their membership.

New Nifty Niner Flight Starting in 2018
The task of having a special 9-hole daily flight within our traditional WSWGA annual tournament has been more difficult than we had previously envisioned. After considerable debate it seemed like we had more questions than we had answers in just how it could be accomplished without significantly impacting our longstanding traditional 18-hole players as well as minimizing the workload for the local tournament committees. After a great deal of communication between the Board, the Registrar and our Webmaster, the following is a summary of how it will be handled:

Commencing with our 2018 annual tournament in Worland, there will be a special 9-hole/day flight available for ladies, regardless of age, who can no longer play 18-holes/day due to physical or medical reasons. The flight will be called the 'Nifty Niner Flight'. We will make this flight available each year providing there are 1 or more participants. Those who want to play in this new flight MUST indicate so on their tournament entry form. Since this new flight does not conform to our traditional way of running our tournament, we will keep it as simple as possible and blend it in seamlessly with the 18-hole players as best that we can. However, these ladies will only play the front 9 holes on the first day of the tournament and then play the back 9 holes on the second day. They will be given 50% of their normal course handicap each day which will result in their receiving 100% of their normal course handicap over all 18 holes. When the local tournament committee sets up the daily starting holes, they will try their best to place these ladies on or just prior to their daily 9 hole round (hole #1, #18 or #17 the first day and hole #10, #9 or #8 the second day). By doing this, they would then have the option to quit upon finishing their daily 9-hole round and would not have to ride the remaining holes. The entry fee for playing in this flight will be the same entry fee the 18-hole players pay.

Again, this flight is ONLY for those who have physical or medical reasons for wanting to play only 9 holes each day.

Scoring & Reminder
Just as a reminder, in our WSWGA annual tournaments, your acutal gross and net scores are used to determine the Medalist, Low Gross, Low Net and Flight winners. However, when your gross scores are posted into the GHIN handicap system, they will be adjusted based on the Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) pursuant to USGA rules. In addition, they will be shown as a "Tournament" score.

The Equitable Stroke Control is part of the USGA's Handicap System, and is a feature of that system that is designed to minimize the effects of "disaster holes" on a golfer's handicap index.

Equitable Stroke Control sets a maximum per-hole score that will be submitted to GHIN for handicap purposes and those per-hole maximums are based on the particular course handicap wherever our annual tournament is played.   Below is a chart that shows the Equitable Stroke Control limits:

9 or less         Double Bogey
10 through 19         7
20 through 29         8
30 through 39         9
40 or more         10

WSWGA Presents Charity Checks To Backpack Pgm & First Stop
After all other tournament expenses had been paid, we closed out the 2017 Lander Tournament account by presenting our final two checks to the Friday Backpack Program and the First Stop Help Center. The total paid to these two wonderful charities was $12,811.00 and were presented by Mary Comings and her committee.

Stephanie Harris (Friday Backpack Program), Deanne Trumble and Linda Hudson (First Stop Help Center) are shown here accepting the donations.

Click on the photo for a larger view.

WSWGA's Gift Of Giving
As many of you may remember at our 2004 Membership Meeting, we approved a change in our By-Laws where we did away with the scholarships and instead stated all profits from our annual tournaments are to be donated to help support a local charity in the host tournament city. Below is a list of the charitable donations made by the WSWGA's local tournament committees since the change:

2018 Worland TBD     a) Washakie Cnty Ministerial Food Bank
  "   " TBD     b) At Risk Student Assistance
2017 Lander $6,400.50     a) Food 4 Kids Friday Backpack Program
  "   " $6,410.50     b) First Stop Help Center
2016 SVR $11,650.00     Thayne Senior Center
2015 Douglas $8,142.39     Boys & Girls Club of Douglas
2014 Cody $6,012.23     Heart Mtn Volunteer Medical Clinic
2013 Worland $2,582.55     Worland Senior Center
2012 Rawlins $1,041.00     Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County
2011 Sheridan $4,375.40     Kelly Shreibies Memorial Foundation
2010 Riverton $2,665.11     Amedisys (Little Wind) Hospice
2009 Star Valley $1,800.00     a) Animal Humane Association of Star Valley
  "   " $1,800.00     b) Family Foundation For Cancer Patients
2008 Casper $685.00     Make-A-Wish Foundation
2007 Cody $2,049.79     Humane Society Of Park County
2006 Rawlins $360.00     Pet Partners
2005 Worland         --             N/A
    TOTAL $55,974.47    

WOW is right! All of our members, tournament volunteers and donors as well as the host cities should be very proud of our organization and what we are doing. Just think, we are a non-profit organization helping other non-profit organizations. The more revenue we can generate through donations, raffles, and other sources at our annual tournaments, the more profit we produce to help another worthy cause. Fantastic job ladies!

Worland Gals At The 2017 Solheim Cup
The 2017 Solheim Cup is the 15th edition of the Solheim Cup matches, being held August 1820, 2017 at the Des Moines Golf and Country Club in West Des Moines, Iowa. This year's Captains of their respective teams are: Julie Inkster for the USA and Annaka Sorenson for the Europeans.

These WSWGA Worland gals are there to cheer on Julie Inkster and her team of Lexi Thompson, Stacy Lewis, Gerina Piller, Cristie Kerr, Danielle Kang, Michelle Wie, Brittany Lang, Brittany Lincicome, Lizette Salas, Angel Yin, Austin Ernst and Paula Creamer.

Is it possible our WSWGA ladies are there to pickup some tips on hosting our annual tournament next year at Green Hills Golf Course?

Pictured here (L to R) are: Cathy Caines, Sharon Ostrander, Laura Sutherland, Mary Beth Voss, Carole Grosch and Vasca Gilmore.

Way to go ladies!! Obviously you're having loads of fun.

Worland to Host 2018 Annual Tournament
It was announced at the general membership meeting on July 18, 2017 that the board had approved a proposal from Worland to host the 2018 annual tournament. Although a municipal course owned by the city, the Green Hills Golf Course is now managed by Go Play Golf, LLC. The last time Worland hosted our annual tournament was in 2013. The tournament committee will continue their effort in seeking a bid for 2020.

The schedule at this time is:
  • 2018 - Worland's Green Hills Golf Course (July 16, 17, 18)
  • 2019 - Cody's Olive Glenn Golf Course (July 15, 16, 17)
  • 2020 - TBD (July 13, 14, 15)

Butler, Durfee & Stutheit Elected to Board
At the general membership meeting on July 18, 2017, Carol Butler (Cody), Trudy Durfee (Sundance) and Brenda Stutheit (Worland), were elected to three year terms on the board. Carol and Trudy replace Falinda Hall and Barbara Snyder whose terms had expired. Although Brenda's term also expired, she decided to run again and was elected.

The new board officers are: Gayle Brice (President); Rita McGinnis (Vice-President) and Leslie Petersen (Secretary).

Membership Approves By-Law Ammendment
Through an email vote of all our 2017 members, an ammedment to Section 2.01 of the By-Laws was approved whereby a previous Wyoming resident and past member in good standing may retain her membership and play in the annual tournament if the following conditions apply: 1) She has been a member for at least two years and 2) she has played in a minimum of two annual tournaments.

Members Hole-In-One Club
Making a hole-in-one (aka ACE) is a BIG deal to all golfers and when it happens it needs to be celebrated. Starting in 2015, we want to recognize all those who have scored an ACE when playing with friends, in a league or in any tournament. Our members want to celebrate with you as well and offer our congratulations. Send our Webmaster an Email by clicking webmaster@wswga.org and provide him with the info on your achievement.
WSWGA Members Hole-In-One Club
Falinda Hall Cody Olive Glenn
#6 / 156 Yds
Nancy McGuire Pinedale Rendezvous Meadow
#11 / 87 Yds
Rene` Lee Worland Green Hills Golf
#8 / 123 Yds
Joan Andreen Casper Three Crowns Golf
#16 / 110 Yds
Karen Holcombe Powell Powell Golf Club
#4 / 100 Yds
Joan Andreen Casper Paradise Valley
#15 / 123 Yds
Becky Marsh Casper Casper Muni-Park
#9 / 138 Yds

Undeliverable Email
Help With the last several group Email notices sent out to our membership, a few have come back as "Undeliverable". The notice message doesn't tell us whose Email can not be delivered.

Please try to remember, if you change your email address, please notify me by clicking Falinda Hall so I can update our records.

Board Approves Tournament Site Coordinators
At the WSWGA's board meeting on July 13, 2015, the board appointed Brenda Stutheit and Falinda Hall to act as Tournament Site Coordinators. In that role, they will be responsible for seeking sites within the State of Wyoming in which to hold our annual tournament. They will be contacting PGA Professionals in cities that have the capacity to hold our tournament, and who have an active women's group of golfers that can appoint a Tournament Director and form a volunteer tournament committee. After gathering this information, it will be presented to the Board at their annual meeting.

Jackie Wilder - 2014

Kim Durfee - 2014

Joyce Jackson - 2014
Paying Your Annual Dues Is Of Great Significance
We would like to remind all of our members of the importance of paying your annual dues regardless of whether you plan on playing in our annual tournaments. Among the benefits of belonging to our organization, is that we help support many charities in the Wyoming communities where we play our annual tournaments. Since 2004, those charities have included various Animal Humane Societies, cancer foundations, Coalition Against Violence, hospice, and the Wyoming Make-A-Wish foundation. Your dues, as well as participation in our tournaments, make these charitable donations possible.

As you all know, it is not an easy task to host one of our annual tournaments. It is a lot of work for the local tournament committees. One of their rewards for all their effort is the ability to make a WSWGA donation to a charity of their choice in their local community. Even if you are not playing in that years' tournament, payment of your annual dues help them make this happen.

During the past several years, your board has discussed the raising of our "dues reinstatement fee" to discourage those members who choose to pay their annual dues only if they plan on playing in that years' tournament. No doubt, the subject will be revisited again at next years board meeting. In the meantime, the board asks for everyones cooperation in supporting the WSWGA organization, its local tournament committees and the many wonderful Wyoming charitable organizations by paying your dues each year regardless of your participation in the tournaments.

Finally, a special thanks to all those members who have graciously supported our organization by paying their dues each and every year - even when they are unable to participate in all of our tournaments.

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