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July 18th - 20th
Kendrick Golf Course - Sheridan, WY

2011 Annual WSWGA Tournament News

The No. 5 Green at Kendrick Golf Course
You spoke and we listened! Sheridan, prepare yourself. We're coming to your town for 3 days of some fun golf!

Ya just gotta love the beauty of Sheridan.

Kelly and Donna Our 2011 Tournament Co-Directors
Kelly White and Donna Madia were the Co-Tournament Directors for this year's annual tournament. It is the first time that we had two new WSWGA members taking on the burden of orgainzing our annual tournament. Kelly (left) is President of the Kendrick Ladies Association. Donna works part-time at the Kendrick golf course. They made a great team. It was obvious they had a great group of volunteers working on this year's tournament as it was very well organized and ran exceptionaly smooth. Early on, they received a nice BIG donation which really helped their financial situation.

GREAT JOB LADIES and thanks to all your volunteers.

And The Winners Were...
Medalist & Overall Low Net

Maureen Humphrys-Sheridan (Left) won the Medalist Award with the lowest gross score of 78 the first day. She shot a 75 gross score the second day which gave her the overall total low gross score of 153 for the two days.
Cynthia Wilson-Pinedale (Right) won the Overall Low Net Award with net rounds of 71 and 66 for a total of 137.


Low Gross

Left to Right: Kelly White (Dayton), Falinda Hall (Cody) and Virgina Lowe (Riverton)

Low Net

Left to Right: Chris Wolf (Cody), Pam Warren (Casper) and (Bottom) Donna Brown (Lander)

Low Gross

Left to Right: Laura Sutherland (Worland), Carol Butler (Cody), Mary Comings (Lander) and Miriam Klingsporn (Lander)
Low Net

Left to Right: Christie Jacobsen (Worland), Susan Guile (Lander), Barbara Watters (Casper) and Janet Montz (Green River)


Low Gross

Left to Right: Carole Grosh (Worland) Kathleen Vacek (Lander), Penny Steever (Douglas) and Nan Probst (Greybull)
Low Net

Left to Right: Vicky Shurtleff (Green River), Dee Mortenson (Glenrock), Lynette Murray (Greybull) and (Bottom) Susan Savage (Sheridan)

Senior A Flight

Low Gross

Left to Right: Janet Jones (Riverton), Barbara Snyder (Riverton) and Delores Kinsey (Lander)

Low Net

Left to Right: Pat Yeager (Basin), JoAnn Adams (Thayne), Ruth Dellos (Worland) and Donna Madia (Sheridan)

Senior B Flight
Low Gross

Left to Right: Carolyn Mozley (Sheridan), Linda Campbell (Cody), Lana Johnson (Bedford) and (Bottom) Karen Ritscher (Cody)
Low Net

Left to Right: Ann Eckart (Dubois), Sandy Thomas (Afton), Zara Logan (Cody) and (Bottom) Vivian Ressler (Cody)

Swinging Senior A Flight
Low Gross

Left to Right (Top): Vasca Gilmore (Worland) and Mickey Edwards (Buffalo), (Bottom) Leslie Petersen (Wilson), Bobbie Stratton (Glenrock) and Brenda Stutheit (Worland)
Low Net

Left to Right: Addie Lee Weeks (Thayne), Kathleen McKinley (Thayne) and Margorie Lokken (Glendo) and Bottom: Joyce Coleman (Riverton)

Swinging Senior B Flight
Low Gross

Left to Right (Top): Shirley Benson (Riverton) and Lavonne Compton (SVR)
Bottom: Pat Bain (Casper)
Low Net

Left to Right: Norma Wheeler (Cody), Anita Miller (Casper), Marie Hill (Casper) and Sandra Wilson (Douglas)

Super Senior Flight
Low Gross

Left to Right: Alice Stump (Thermopolis), Ellen Strube (Riverton) and Lois Jantz (Thayne)

Low Net

Left to Right: Marsha Hranchak (Glendo), Pat Duncan (Douglas) and Billie Snell (Douglas)

Click the button below to view all of the flights and individual scores for this year's tournament.

We want to thank Ms. Toni Chew, a volunteer photographer for this years tournament. She promptly provided your webmaster with many wonderful digital photographs she took during the 3 day event. We'll get many of them on the site over the next few days.
--Skill (Flight) Winner--

#1 Closest to Pin w/3 (All)...........Mary Comings
#2 Long Putt (Sr B).................Carolyn Mozley
#3 Closest to Pin (All)...........Laura Sutherland
#4 Long Putt (SwingSr A)...........Leslie Peterson
#5 Closest to Pin w/2 (All).........Karen Ritscher
#6 Long Drive (Sr A)..............Maureen Humphrys
#7 Closest to Pin (All).................Kath Vacek
#8 Long Putt (SwingSr B)............Shirely Benson
#9 Closest to Pin w/3 (All)...........Joan Andreen
#10 Long Drive (Soph).................Carol Butler
#11 Long Putt (All).....................Dee Kinsey
#12 Closest to Pin (Jr)................Kathy Vacek
#13 Closest to Pin w/2 (All)...........Janet Jones
#14 Long Putt (All).....................Marie Hill
#15 Closest to Pin (All)................Pat Yeager
#16 Long Drive (Fresh)................Falinda Hall
#17 Closest to Pin w/3 (All)......Maureen Humphrys
#18 Long Putt (SuperSr).................Lois Jantz
Tuesday's Tournament Pairing Photos
As you remember, the photographer took a group photo of each of the pairings on the No. 5 Tee Box as they came through (see example photo to the right). Click on the "Pairing Photos" link below to view a slide show of each group. When the popup window appears with the 1st photo, click on the photo to move to the next one. There are 24 pictures.

If you would like us to email you one of these original digital photos (via an attachment), please send Zara Logan your request by clicking We CAN NOT print photos and send them by regular mail.

Boot Tee Markers

Lunch On The Patio


Checking Out The Scores
Vasca Gilmore Dee Mortenson Barbara Snyder Loraine Sahl
Vasca Gilmore, Dee Mortenson, Barbara Snyder and Loraine Sahl putting out on #4 green

Vasca Gilmore
Located all around the course for our tournament were all these different signs telling the historical story of significant Women Of The West. This was a very nice touch to our 2011 tournament.

We've heard the term "Hankie Panky", but until this year we have never heard of or had a "Hankie Hide" contest at our annual tournament. These six (6) ladies each won a prize for landing one of their shots nearest these hidden hankies scattered around the course.
Pat Duncan Ann Eckart Kathleen McKinley Dee Mortenson Carole Shultz
Left to Right: Pat Duncan, Ann Eckart, Kathleen McKinley, Dee Mortenson and Carole Shultz.
Not pictured is Geraldine Phillips.

Lander Ladies: Kathleen Vacek, Judy Legerski, Mary Comings, Miriam Klingsport, Delores Kinsey and Lisa Jacks

Joan Anderson, Laura Sutherland, Ruth Dellos, Carole Grosh, Leslie Peterson, Vasca Gilmore and Sharon Ostrander

Ruth Dellos, Laura Sutherland, Christie Jacobson, Marilyn Petre and Judy Johnson

Pat Yeager and Nan Probst

Chris Wolf, Barbara Campbell and Barbara Watters

Judy Stine and Maureen Humphrys calculating the first round scores

Zara Logan and Mary Comings discuss the days round

Judy Sackett (maker of the quilt) poses with Christie Jacobson (winner of the quilt)

Sharon Ostrander wins the Ping Golf Bag

Had there been a corn eating contest, Lynette Randleman probably would have won.
Photos From Our General Membership Dinner Meeting
at the Sheridan Inn
(Place your cursor on a photo to see the name.)
Joan Adams

Miriam Klingsporn and Coy Ann Kendall

Marg Lokken and Anita Miller

Diana Baldes, Krystine Brown and Wilma Snell

JoAnn Adams and Ann Earl

Delores Kinsey and Lana Johnson

Donna Brown and Renae Livermore

Carol Butler and Amelia Edwards

Alice Stump and Kathleen Vacek

Zara Logan

Marie Hill and Janet Jones

Addie Weeks and Vicky Shurtleff

Anne Kelloway and Lavonne Compton

Nan Probst and Shirley Dutton

Laura Sutherland and Maureen Humphrys

Ellen Strube and Bobbie Stratton

Pat Yeager abd Joyce Coleman

Linda Campbell

Falinda Hall and Vasca Gilmore

Virginia Lowe and Carole Grosch

Lynette Murray and Barbara Vermedahl
<<< Cool Balldrop Fundraiser

The photo and story to the left was on the front page of the Sheridan Press today (July 20th). Although the article doesn't mention it, the helicopter dropped these balls on a green near the clubhouse shortly after we finished the 1st round of our tournament on Tuesday. Although the fundraiser was held during our tournament, anyone could purchase a numbered ball to be dropped and many of our WSWGA ladies did just that. Too bad one of our Members didn't win the $1,000, but we sure supported the cause.

Kudos to Kelly and Donna for arranging this spectacular fundraising event at our tournament.
Tourney Committee Meeting
How fun this tournament planning has been! It's nice to see each other during the golf off-season also. Won't be long and we'll be playing again. Kendrick GC plans to open for the season Tuesday, March 29th, if weather permits. A co-worker and I start work tomorrow getting things spruced up and the Pro Shop stocked. Then it will really be busy. Yippee!!!!! The lady talking in the picture is Yvonne Busse telling us all about her project for the tournament.       Donna       3/23/2011

Welcome Bags

These are some of the things we will have for the welcome bags for the players. I made all the note pads and Judy Sackett, Yvonne Busse and all their sewing group made the hot pads. We will have some really good things for the "goodie bags".


Quilt Raffle
Judy Sackett with her Quilt
One of our volunteers, Judy Sackett, has spent many hours making this beautiful quilt for our raffle. This photo does not do it justice.
Thanks to the WSWGA..

Speaking on behalf of ALL our Kendrick Golf Course ladies, I can say that as far as we are concerned the tournament has already been a success. We managed to use it as an excuse to get the city to remodel the women’s bathroom!

Our Charity
Our chosen charity is called the Kelly Shreibies Memorial Foundation. We are so proud to have this as our charity. They do so many good and helpful things to make life a little easier for the women in our area who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. In 2003 breast cancer claimed 39,800 lives, one of which was Kelly Schreibies. In her family's attempts to heal the loss of this tender-hearted young woman, a desire was born to honor her name and memory. The Kelly Schreibies Memorial Foundation was established in 2004. They humbly offer financial assistance to those in Sheridan County being treated for breast cancer. This assistance can be used for medical or living expenses. A lot of the cancer patients aren't able to work, but their bills, of course, go on so the foundation grants money to help with the medical expense.

Many of the golfers around the state will remember our dear friend and fellow golfer Peggy Buss who we lost to cancer in December, 2008. Peggy was an aunt to Kelly Schreibies and sat on the Board of the Foundation. We feel while we are honoring the memory of Kelly, we as women golfers are also honoring our friend Peggy, as well as all who have been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer.

Note: Peggy Buss joined the WSWGA in 1995 and was a member for several years before her health declined.

  • 11 Years Ago..
    The last time we held our annual tournament in Sheridan was way back in 2000. It also took place at the Kendrick Golf Course. Kathy Oatts was the Tournament Director and Mary Ann Morrison of Dubois was crowned our Champion. Membership that year totaled 121 ladies and 88 of those played in the tournament. Since our membership has grown substantially since then and many of our Members have wanted to return to Sheridan, we believe this tournament will easily attract many participants. As most all of us know, Sheridan is one of the most beautiful communities in our State.

    The Big Horn Mountains Rising Above Sheridan

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