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Last Updated: 08/02/2008  
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2 0 0 8   W S W G A   T o u r n a m e n t
July 14 - 16
Three Crowns Golf Course - Casper

Three Crowns Golf Club
Group Photo
Here Is All 128 Of Us Plus Chris Moore & Jennifer DeVore Of Three Crowns Golf Club.

If anyone has any good "action" pictures taken at the tournament, please E-mail those to Zara and we'll try to include them on this page.
As most of you know, we had a mixup at the tournament and the Junior and Senior classes were not divided into "A" and "B" flights as we normally do because of the large number of players in these two classes.   We have subsequently corrected the error and have awarded additional prizes to those winners as well as awarded additional prizes to the original winners if they were shortchanged by the addition of the two flights.   Georgia Moore expresses her regret to everyone in these two classes for the error, trouble and inconvienience this oversight caused.

As a result, we must also apologize for not obtaining photos of all the winners.

Below you will see the corrected Junior and Senior flights, final scores for all players in all flights and the correct winners in each flight.
Swinging Senior Winners
L to R: Wilma Snell, Jean Wheatley, Fran Croci, Shirley Linweber & Ellen Strube
Super Senior Winners
Super Senior Winners
L to R: Lois Jantz, Pegge Thompson, Alice Stump & Pat Duncan
Senior Winners
Senior Winners
Back L to R: Louise Cook, Lana Johnson, Pat Turk, Mary Haydel, Bobbie Stratton
& Brenda Stutheit
Front L to R: Vasca Gilmore & Lavonne Compton.

Junior Winners
Back L to R: Phyllis Penzien, Carole Grosch, Sandy Thomas, JoAnn Adams & Janet Jones
Front L to R: Jane Clegg, Barbara Snyder & Carol Tirre.
Sophomore Winners
Sophomore Winners
Back L to R: Margaret Hinckley, Jerrilyn Schulze, Kryssy Brown & Susan Guile
Front L to R: Penny Steever, Judy Paul & Laura Sutherland.
Freshman Winners
Freshman Winners
Back L to R: Chris Wolf, Rose Loos, Falinda Hall & Daylene Lockhart
Front L to R: Debbie Spiva, Carol Butler &
Mary Comings
Chris Moore
Chris Moore
Three Crowns GM
Kendall Laird - Casper
Medalist & Overall Low Gross Winner
Susan Hendricks
Susan Hendricks - Afton
Overall Low Net Winner
Jeanne Russell
Jeanne Russell - Cody
50/50 Winner
Georgia Moore & Bobbie Stratton
The Tourney Committee
Georgia Moore & Bobbie Stratton
The Cody Group
Relaxing On The Patio

Freshman Long Drive #5 ................ Kendall Laird
Sophomore Long Drive #17 ................ Jerrilyn Schulze
Junior Closest to Hole in Two #12 ..... Pat Campbell
Senior Closest to Hole #8 ................ Marion Melton
Swinging Sr. Long Putt #15 .............. Shirley Benson
Super Sr. Long Putt #2 ................ JoAnn Lang
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