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1967 Charter Members
We don't know too much about the details surrounding how the small group of thirty-one (31) Wyoming ladies started the WSWGA back in 1967. From our historical records, however, we do have some notes and a newspaper clipping showing their photo (see below) where twenty-two (22) of them played in their very first annual tournament on July 25th, 26th and 27th, 1967 in Douglas, Wyoming.

If anyone has any updated information on any of these ladies, please let us know. We would love to hear from any of them who are still with us.
1 *Margaret Ainsworth Riverton
2 *Elizabeth J (Lib) Bolln Douglas
3 *Mary Kate (Kay) Copp Douglas
4 *Virginia Curtin Douglas
5 *Mary Dalton Casper
6 *Pat Davis Douglas
7 *Hail Fischer Laramie
8 Irella Grable Torrington
9 *Irene Guilford Riverton
10 *Helen Guth Torrington
11 *Hannah Guthrie Laramie
12 *Eva Harris Riverton
13 *Dorthy Hill Riverton
14 *Ruth Irwin Douglas
15 *Christine Knight Laramie
16 *Edith Knisely Douglas
17 *Betty Lovercheck Torrington
18 *Mary Jo Mills Big Horn
19 *Marjorie Moore Buffalo
20 *Lucille Nelson Douglas
21 Claire Pyle Casper
22 *Victoria (Dolly) Ralston Sheridan
23 *Margaret Rice Laramie
24 *Merle Saul Douglas
25 *Pen Schunk Sheridan
26 Gen Seaverson Rawlins
27 *Gertrude Stack Riverton
28 *Antoinette Stoddard Douglas
29 Margaret Sullivan ?
30 *Eula Thompson Douglas
31 Opel Triplett Casper
*Deceased - To the best of our knowledge.

Charter Members
FIRST SENIOR WOMEN'S state Golf tournament, held in Douglas July 25-27 was a big success and shown here are most of the winners from over the state.   Front row (L to R):   Ruth Irwin (Douglas), Claire Pyle (Torrington), Gen Seaverson (Rawlins), Betty Lovercheck (Torrington), Kay Copp (Douglas), Edith Knisely (Douglas).   Second row:   Lib Bolin (Douglas), Dorothy Hill (Riverton), Chris Knight and Margaret Rice (Laramie), Irene Guilford (Riverton), Merle Saul (Douglas), and Hail Fisher (Laramie).   Back row:   Eula Thompson and Antoinette Stoddard (Douglas), Pen Schunk (Sheridan), Virginia Curtin (Douglas), Mary Jo Mills (Sheridan) and Peg Ainsworth (Riverton).   Winners not shown were Trella Grable and Helen Guth (Torrington) and Opal Triplett (Casper).